The Zhu Empire, one of the central locations of many of the projects.  It is the primary location of anything focusing on the Imperial Family from the visual novel.  Will add a map and such later.

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The Zhu Empire was once the largest nation on the planet Kios, covering the entirety of the largest continent and its nearby islands.  Events in ancient times however lead what they call the Great Fracture, that resulted in their lands being split from the world and warped across space to entirely different worlds.  While a few pockets are still lost in unknown reaches of space the primary kingdoms have all been found and connected by present day through the use of mystic gateways constructed in each of the kingdoms, allowing them to function as if they were still on the same world. While each kingdom has its own local culture variant they all fall under a greater Zhu culture, speak the same language follow the same over all religion (though varying schools of it exist).

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It is a land filed with magic and mysticism, as the land is both very mana rich as well as connected to a vast and ancient sea of chi resulting in the native life forms having a unique connection with the chi of the land. Magic creatures roam the lands and spirits both benevolent and malevolent are frequent to occurrences all throughout the local regions, society having been built with such things being common place. Magic related events in the distant past has resulting in segments of the land itself being lost in other realms, occasionally reforming in place seemingly at random making the region effectively never fully explored given any year new areas can form.