At a very quick glance one could easily mistake the empire for a land much less advanced than it, but it has access to many magi-tek and chi based technologies. Despite how may appear, especially in rural villages, it is a post industrial society. Here will be a few small things about some common stuff. 

Pretty much everywhere has electricity which in rural areas is mostly produced via chi and mana generators in each household that normally can be further charged in village square or by buying things to do so. In cities every building is connected to the central grid where a constant supply is being produced and distributed underground beneath every area of the city. 

A common form of entertainment is the Mi'ziri, which is essentially a zhu tv. A small metallic box with a crystal like material on the top that projects a 2d image into the air, these can be attuned to certain signals to receive broadcasts of plays, live feeds of events, or competitions. There are audio only variants which are essentially radio.

Land vehicles are a very uncommon sight despite the capability to make them, with most people moving around via walking or via animal. Various public transports use large animals with contraptions attached to them to effectively completely hijack their brains. Some use golems of sorts to accomplish the same, though you may occasionally see an actual vehicle in a city. For the most part land vehicles are used by military only above ground. Underground however there is an extensive railway system that connects each major city as well as to various different areas within a given city. Sea travel has long since passed sail ships outside of for recreation and chi powered mechanical ships are common for commercial and personal use to varying degrees. Outside of dragons and magi-tek craft mostly for combat there isn't really much air travel for vast distance not cross-able by sea there are normally nexus gates to use, large man-made portals to another one they are attuned to. Through these people can travel even to other worlds virtually instantly assuming one is on the other end, and there are commercial use ones in many of the major cities though often very expensive and have to go through a long process before hand.