We are the elite caste of the Zhu faith and unlike our sisters we deal not in prayers nor offerings, but in death.
— Ri Koutu

he Qigekki are an elite order of warrior Inquisitors within the Zhu Empire. Chosen by genetic mutation they all share characterized by more wild and powerful chi than usual, they are trained from the onset of puberty in various special camps around the empire. These harsh and brutal camps train them in the ways of the warrior and condition them into seeing themselves as the wrath of the religion, something them and the squad they are put into are expected to take into their daily life. Their purpose is to combat threats to the religion as well as general things that are against it, from demons and rebel cults to heretical citizens spreading their ideas. They are sent as small squads to do various missions, with countless operations going on each year all across the world and beyond, at least one of the squads on a mission each week. They are sent out on missions that range from the quick exterminating a small cult, to more long term jobs sending them to temporary hide outs or traveling in foreign lands for extended periods. Outside of missions they are expected to watch out for and take care of threats to the faith, killing any proven cultists, demons, or anti zhu rebels they find. If they simply suspect someone of connection to such things or of general heresy and trying to incite people against the religion they can bring people into regional Qigekki grounds for trial. No one can refuse and not cooperating grants the Qigekki the right to kill the person on the spot with no legal consequences, as well as putting on trial or killing any others who interfere. The sole exceptions are nobles who can force a Qigekki to halt for one day, after which if no word from command they can continue to their jobs no matter what the noble says. Regional nobles and above can’t be confronted by normal Qigekki and after evidence is collected, must be dealt with by Regional Command or the High Council, the latter of which has the authority to force even the Imperial family to do tests of faith or put them on trial with an unanimous vote. Qigekki of all levels are exempt from all authorities baring the Qigekki Order and the Empress herself, and any problems with them must be taken to the High Council who run and govern over the Qigekki . The government otherwise has no hold over them, and they expected to do whatever must be done to fulfill their tasks, something that makes them both feared and heavily respected within society. 

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Protect Zhu: It the priority of any Qigekki regardless of rank or type to protect Zhu by any and all costs. This refers to protection in a big picture sense, but some Qigekki take this on a more local level and take it as their duty to always protect people from threats if they are nearby. This does not speak the Empire itself, but of the faith/collective in whatever form is best for it. 

Cleanse Corruption: There are natural enemies of the sea and chi and their corruption threatens to damage the environment as well as the hearts of people. A Qigekki must remove both before they spread too far, and look into any reports of it. 

Protect The Faith: A Qigekki is to always protect the faith, from threats that seek to destroy or disrupt it. Those who seek to do so should be shown no mercy and do not deserve the honor of a trial. 

Enforce The Faith: A Qigekki most enforce living by the standards of the Great Mother and her prophets when she sees the opposite happening. Warnings for minor mess ups such as slight blasphemous speak or ill-suited actions, and trails for those she suspects are more sinister. 

Embody The Faith: A Qigekki should be a living embodiment of the 5 tenets of faiths to set an example for all those around them. 


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