Vekka Zhu Shang

The capital Kingdom of the Empire, where the Imperial family themselves live in a city built around their palace. It is a mostly tropical environment with thick jungle throughout most of the interior with a few mountains up towards the northern region and scattered savanna to the both the western most and eastern most portion. It was the center of the original continent and the spot where Zhu Shang the Prophet first landed in the world (hence the name). It holds many holy sites within the landmass and the nearby islands, with many of them still having magic seeping into the land. With such a concentration of magic and chi in the region it has many dangerous and rare magical creatures, making a profitable region for monster hunters to operate in. While the Empress lives there, she does not actually run the kingdom itself instead Vekka Zhu Shang has its own royal family who do the governing of the specific landmass while the Imperial family does more empire wide things. 


A lush more temperate region just north of Vekka Zhu Shang one of few that never got separated during the ancient fracturing, and the original home of the Xerin. With the exception of the southernmost area it has a very diverse ecosystem with different creatures and magical spirits being active depending on the particular season. It has the highest concentrations of magic schools and is where the School of Magi Headquarters is located as the land has more natural mana vents than the other kingdoms of the Empire. Dancing is a very common activity there, and many schools teach elaborate local dances that utilize both chi and magic for truly captivating displays. These dances can have combat applications as well serving as powerful means to alter the environment or people around them. Despite it having a large population it is one of the more relaxed kingdoms, with people seeming to be in much less of a hurry compared to their sister lands. 

Iz'an Sui

A vast Arid to semi-arid region and the home of the Ethera people. It had been lost long ago in an event that fractured the planet itself and was the most recent place to be found and reintegrated. It is a very harsh world and some of the most dangerous creatures around and where natural disasters are common place and have to be held at bay with magic and chi manipulation. Despite this struggle there are cities and permanent settlements all around the place as the people used their might and intelligence to conquer a hostile landscape. The population of the region isn't as high as the others anymore as many people moved to other kingdoms but the Ethera royal family stills lives there and it's where almost all of the surviving Ethera nomadic tribes are, still moving from place to place across the vast mana deserts. Many Zhu monks choose to train there as the constant storms and disasters allow them to understand the natural destructive side of the sea of chi and how it relates to their own bodies.

Xenkor Hu

The kingdom that is home to the Xenkor, located on a strange world that gets very little natural light. The surface has sparse plant life most of which is actually large fungi and a few carnivorous shrub like plants. Life there is rather difficult for people without above human senses or energy perception, due to it always being very dark outside of any personal light. It has vast cavern systems with their own rich ecosystems and many caves lead to underground areas where Xenkor tribals carry on their ancient traditions. In the cities on the surface however is a local tradition where guile and intelligence is highly valued and many of the Empires spies and assassins go through training on the dark world, both to be engrossed in the local traditions as well as to rely less on their vision to accomplish things.